1. that answer is correct, you have passed my test

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  2. And it was beauty that would ultimately kill the beast, the soft hue of her voice, echoed in his soul, bellowing through him like the roar of a lion on the vast Sahara  She would turn and look as if having a mastery of time, would make all things pause as the time needed to examine her in her entirety was too much to absorb in any amount of time less than a lifetime of admiration. Her spell was panged with the lust of an image carved with the perfected skill of angels, but her heart longed for love of a man she would one day meet in her mind, the man of her dreams. The way i saw it was, if any man were lucky enough to have her in his life, if she were treated anything less than a goddess, the man had to be insane, lest he waste the gift of a beautiful woman.

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    I’m in this upcoming issue of Juxtapoz because an advertiser for X-Ray specs backed out at the last minute and that charming golem, Alex Pardee, asked me to jump in.  

    You should probably pick it up, yeah? Seriously. I reveal my true, fly-head form.


    In what may be my greatest art-related experience since I ate an entire family of live armadillos as a performance art piece back in 2002, I just finished curating the ENTIRE HALLOWEEN ISSUE OF JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE!
    The issue hits newsstands all over the world in a few days on September 11, and I can’t wait to show it off. The issue is packed full of artists who have influenced me for years, as well as some newer artists that are creating their own worlds in every aspect of art from scribbling on paper to making video games. Evan & the rest of the Juxtapoz staff were amazingly supportive of letting me showcase who I wanted and how I wanted to do it, which means that the issue has a good-sized fistful of absurdity amidst its Halloweenishness. Pink vomit, human bats, M. Night Shyamalan, the internet, dog dicks, old men, and a comic book artist who tried to give The Joker a vagina are just SOME of the fun things included amongst the articles and art that I have gathered together for this issue. Also, keep your computers and phones tuned, as I, along with my fine surgically-attached brethren at Zerofriends, will be curating the online content of Juxtapoz as well. So please check out the Halloween issue of Juxtapoz when it comes out next week! You will make us all happy! And by all I mean the huge list of artists featured in it, which includes Sam Kieth, Dave Correia, Jon Wayshak, myself, Jhonen Vasquez, Nychos, Allison Sommers, L’amour Supreme, Edmund McMillen and so much more madness that I want to vomit on myself .

    Alex Pardee of Zero Friends is so freakin awwwwwesome 

  5. holy shit its so fucking adorable i felt myself die a little inside .___.

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  6. blahblahblahshhhh:


    I was not expecting that.


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  7. Im starting to see that the only reason i have a blog, and or any other social form of media, is to keep up with what others are doing, and never updating myself really.Damn you Hitchcock and your voyeurism-encouraging movie!    

  8. Women i find too beautiful for words #3

    Keira Knightley, guys and girls alike fantasize about you :D

  9. Women i find too beautiful for words #2

    Olivia Wilde, just… gosh you’re so pretty :D

  10. Women i find too beautiful for words #1

    Marion Cotillard, you may be a villain in most your movies

    But that sweet smile gives me hope that you’ll one day be a protagonist!